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Call For Cheerleaders!

Radical Cheerleaders:

The sun is out and it is time to cheer!

We've been invited by the Northwest Progressives Conference to give a workshop on Rad Cheer Saturday, April 21, 2007 at WSU in Pullman, Washington. They sent a special invite just for us! In addition it sounds like we're going to be invited to perform - date and time unknown - sometime during the 4 day conference.

In response Mary and Anne sent a proposal, which you can view a few posts back. We guesstimated that there would be 4 presenters. Anyone can attend! Lodging is provided for presenters and anyone else we can cram in (dorm room pile-up style) and gas will be reimbursed for one vehicle - Anne has offered up hers as it is truly garganutan and will fit as many people as possible.

We hear that Eastern now has a squad, so if any of you are on it or know anyone who is, please pass this message on. We'd love for there to be multiple squads present to represent!

Once and future cheerleaders, please email with the following - even if you aren't going:

thepomsquad ATTTT gmail DOTTTT com

For everyone:
1) your best contact email, phone and address - we need to update our email list!

For conference-goers:
2) which days you want to attend
3) would you need transportation?
4) can you provide someone else transportation?
5) would you need lodging?
6) would you want to present in the workshop?
7) would you like to perform at the conference?

If you want to present and can commit, we'll put your name in a hat and draw out 2 names to co-present with Mary and Anne.


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