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Pom Squad

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Spokane's Radical Cheerleaders
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We're The Pom Squad, Spokane's Radical Cheerleaders.

The Pom Squad is a street-theater style group of activists who join together in order to make protest fun and accessible to all people regardless of age, size, race, gender (or lack of gender), ability or experience.

The Pom Squad is explicitly feminist in nature, and has no leaders because in Utah Phillips' words: "We are all (cheer)leaders here."

Our mission is to take the grim struggle of politics and transform it into revolutionary joy. We believe every human being has a voice and that radical struggle should never silence any person or place the value of one body over another. We want to create a space in the public sphere where radical feminists are encouraged to be loud and proud, and to use our bodies in all their beauty and diversity as powerful tools of change.

We believe that politics and culture can be transformed through our mantra: "If it isn't fun, don't do it."

For too long, public protest has been bogged down in fatalism and sorrow. We choose to see struggle as a source of joy and we communicate that joy by subverting a patriarchal display into an expression of revolt.

Please join us in learning how every voice and every body can change the world.